“みんなちがって、みんないい” 幼かったけれどその一節に救いを感じ、初めて自分で選んだ本だった。

ゴスペル経験者の音楽の先生に出逢ったのは、それから数年後、小学校4年生の時。 “音”にのせ想いを届ける“詞”を意識し、歌うことの楽しさを知った。

10代半ばに差し掛かった頃、毎日綴ってきた“詩”は、“詞”に変わった。 縦書きから横書きになったノートは、噴き出しそうな感情やうまく伝えられなかった想いで溢れ、“詞”をのせる“音”も創るようになる。 ただの言葉では伝えきれなかった想いが、“詞”が“音”にのり、“歌”に為ることで伝えられると感じた。“歌”は彼女の支えとなっていた。



縦書きで綴っていた“詩”が、“音”との出逢いによって横書きの“詞”になり、 いつしか“詞”は“歌”へと昇華していった。


favorite music:Jane Birkin/Enya / Carpenters / Madonna / Cyndi Lauper …etc.
favorite place:水が流れている場所。本の香りがする場所。花のある場所。

行き場の無い気持ちや、終わり無い孤独を抱えて生きているのは自分だけではなくきっと沢山の人が私と同じように声にならない思いを抱えて生きていると感じています。人の痛みを感じ寄り添いながら、“誰か”が言葉にできない思いを綴り、 歌で表現していきたいと心から思っています。


Now, the flower blooms, a “song” to heal the era.

What drew Renka in initially was “poetry”.
The first book her father bought her, with Misuzu Kaneko’s
“Me, the Bird, and the Bell”
Though she was little, she found salvation in the line,
“We’re all different, we’re all good.” It was the first book she chose herself.
She became absorbed in poetry and began writing poems every day, like a journal.

Several years later, in 4th grade, when she met her music teacher, who had experience with gospel.
She came to know the pleasure of putting “poetry” to “sound” and singing.

When she was approaching my mid-teens, the “poetry” she wrote daily turned into “lyrics.”
With her notebook overflowing with bursting emotions and thoughts she could not well convey,
She began to create “sound” for her “lyrics”.
By putting thoughts she could not express with mere words to sound and creating a “song”,
She felt she could express herself.
”Songs” became her support.

Now, she wishes for her “song” to be the support for someone else…. “To be someone’s flower.”

The name, “Renka”… like the flower of the lotus, sprouting from the thick mud,
Yet healing the beholder with its dignified strength and sacred beauty,
Her voice, pure and sacred.
Her voice, full of the power to convey feelings, to heal the listener.

The meeting of “poetry” with “sound” to form “lyrics”,
“lyrics” sublimated into “song.”

Through these “songs”, Renka strives to let the flowers of this era bloom.
To be someone’s flower.

favorite music:Jane Birkin/Enya / Carpenters / Madonna / Cyndi Lauper …etc.
favorite place:Places where water flows. Places that smell of books. Places where there are flowers.

【Resolutions for her Debut】
I am not the only one suffering from endless isolation and haunting emotions; I feel there must be many people alive, just like me, suffering from thoughts the cannot express.
When I feel people’s pain, I want to write and express through song from the bottom of my heart that which “somebody” could not put into words.
I want to be the kind of artist who expresses true thoughts through sincere words, not just pretty words, and create songs that shine light on the shadows of people’s hearts.